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Atlanta Wiffleball is a co-ed wiffleball club, which is a not-for-profit networking/social club a buddy of mine and I started about 15 years ago. We run the club for fun (no salaries or employees- 100% volunteer) to keep operating expenses low which in turn keeps costs to play low (only $35-40pp). Any extra money goes to our end of season parties (food and beer), grab bag/raffle prizes and our recent partnership locally with "Make-A-Wish Georgia" for annual wiffleball tournaments, Wifflin’ for Wishes, in Atlanta as well as The Travis Roy Foundation (Who has a Wiffleball tournament in VT).  To also keep costs low the games are self officiated. We have found that this method of umpiring games has been extremely fair. In fact, we have been told that this method is much better that having lax, indecisive referees that are used in other social leagues (kickball, softball, etc).  

Teams consists of up to 7 men and at least 5 women (this may vary depending on the registration). The season will last 7 weeks with the top teams competing in weeks 8 and 9 for the Atlanta Wiffle Club Cup. Consolation games will be played in week 8 for those teams not in the playoffs.  If a game in unable to be played due to rain (as determined by the club commissioners) or other factors, a make-up date or a double header will scheduled later in the season (usually the next day - Sunday) or cancelled completely.

For complete rules please see the RULES page.

Where: Hammond Park (Hammond Park Directions), Make up games could be played at
Brookhaven Park  (Click here for directions) .

When: Saturdays (see potential schedule on home page) beginning in March.
Cost: Team fee is $420, Individual Fees are $40(payment options for both will be emailed to
you) for membership through May 2023 and a team shirt.  Late fees may apply if you register after February 1st. Members play club wiffleball games free through May 2023.

Click below to register.


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